Hotlinking: an exhibition of images from the Tate with immunity from seizure

Hotlinking is a mini-exhibition put together from highlights of Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World, showing at the Tate Modern from 04 Feb 2010 until 16 May 2010. The works have been generously loaned by overseas collectors and international museums and are presented here via the Immunity from Seizure page of the Freedom of Information section of the Tate website. This show, in its current form, will last for as long as the images remain there – when either the page is updated with new content, or sooner if the Tate decides to restrict hotlink access to their images. After which time each work, as access is denied, will be replaced by a browser generated broken image icon and continue indefinitely. I think I speak for Van Doesburg when I say that this icon retains the spirit of Elementarism; the dynamism of its diagonal lines reaffirming that he was in the right in his argument with Mondrian over them, and a worthy addition to the show and his legacy.